Envisions of School Tomorrow: Start Asking Those Who It Affects Most

Above I have created a link that goes to my project that I am currently working on for class. It is an accumulation of feedback that I have recieved from friends, friends of friends etc.. regarding the following prompts they were asked.
What do you wish teachers knew?

What do you want out of your learning?
How do you want to use technology in the classroom?

How could your education be better?
What made your best teachers so effective?

I am looking for answers from those it effects most. THE STUDENTS. This started off as a message on Facebook. When close friends started putting pictures on my Facebook wall, others saw them and started sending them. I have friends of friends sending me pictures. I have friends getting their classes to take pictures. Eventually, they all trickle back to me. Eventually, they end up on my Soup page that I posted above in the link. Check it out!

My project can be used in teaching and practice because it is honest feedback from students. It is the kind of feed back that some teachers may not want to hear, but need to. It is not intended to attack the education system, but more to open eyes to educators, students, superintendents, towns, and who ever else may be able to look at this page and consider possibilities. For example, if I have a classroom of students all of them keep talking about this program they are using and seem really eager to apply it to something in the classroom, why not? If I were an advisor and had to go away for a trip or whatever, along with leaving lessons plans for my students, why should I not be able to Twitter answers to questions they may have about the assignments while I am out?


These are just a few of the many photos that I have collected from students. The cool thing about my photos is the diversity. Yes, a lot of the photos are from college age students, BUT, many of these students come from all over the country. That makes it so that problems that are coming up are not specific to one area, but to the education system as a hole. I have images from students in early years of high school all they way up to later years in college.

Along with the photos that I have collected from friends, I have added quotes and links to speakers and videos that are related to education today. Some are lecture style while others are creative ways to get messages across. Want to see more? Click this! I am always looking for more photos so if you have something you want people to know, send it my way.